autumn one pot

As long as you’ve got the oven turned on, throw in a jewel yam to cook too… This autumn one pot is easy to make, savory/sweet, high in vitamin A and C to combat fall cold.


  • 1 large jewel yam
  • 1 pkg tempeh, cubed
  • 1 red pepper, chopped
  • 1 yellow pepper, chopped
  • 1 hot pepper (serrano or jalapeno), diced.
  • 1  6 oz can of thai coconut milk
  • 3 cups fresh spinach, chopped
  • 1 can whole black beans, drained and rinsed well


Pierce yam with fork several times on both sides, then bake at 350-375 degrees for about 40-45 minutes as you would a baked potato. Remove from oven when squeezes gently but is not withered. Cool. After yam has cooled, slice into 1/4 inch rounds, then cut each round into quarters. Set aside.

Saute cubed tempeh in 3-4 T olive oil, covering with lid, checking and stirring frequently. When tempeh is browned on all sides, add chopped hot pepper. Stir 1-2 minutes, then add thai coconut milk and chopped red and yellow peppers. Stir well, place lid on and steam for 4 minutes. Add chopped spinach and drained and well rinsed black beans, stir to mix all well. Then add chopped yam. Stir gently, cover, and steam for 2-3 minutes. Serve hot, with romaine lettuce salad with feta cheese and walnuts. Will keep in airtight container in refrigerator for 5 days. Makes 5-6 servings.

tofu with veggies and peanut sauce


  • 1 12 or 16 oz block firm tofu, rinsed and cubed
  • 1 can garbanzo beans, rinsed well and drained
  • 1-2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 medium yellow pepper, cut longitudinally first then in half to create large bite size pieces
  • 1 medium bunch bok choy, chopped. Cut greens into ribbons.
  • peanut sauce (see recipe under sauces)


In large frying pan with lid, saute chopped tofu in 2-3 T olive oil for 4-5 minutes, stirring well. Add minced garlic, yellow pepper and garbanzo beans, continue to stir over heat for 3-4 minutes until peppers are lightly cooked. Add chopped bok choy, stir to mix all well, then add about 1/4 c water, reduce heat and cover to steam for about 3 minutes, check and steam more as necessary. Take off heat when bok choy is bright green yet wilted. Serve topped with peanut sauce.

too hot to cook- south of the border sustenance


  • 2 cans whole black beans, drained and well rinsed
  • (or 1 can black beans and 1 can kidney or red beans, drained and well rinsed)
  • 1-2 tomatoes, chopped
  • 1 red or yellow bell pepper, chopped
  • 1/2 -1 red onion, chopped
  • 1 cup jicama (about 1/2 medium sized), peeled and chopped
  • 2-3 stalks celery, diced
  • 1-2 hot peppers (anaheim, jalapeno, or serrano for more heat). Use the seeds too if you like it hot, then dice finely
  • 1-2 ripe avocado, chopped
  • 1/2 t sea salt and ground black pepper to taste (omit salt on beans if using salted dressing)
  • corn tortillas
  • romaine lettuce


  • 1 small bunch cilantro (about 1 cup excluding long stems)
  • 1 t each cumin and chile powder
  • 1/2 t sea salt
  • 1-2 limes, squeezed
  • 1/4- 1/3 cup olive oil


Mix all ingredients except avocado in bowl with airtight lid. Will keep in the refrigerator for 5 days. Chop avocado to add immediately before serving. Serve this as wrap ups in warm corn tortillas (microwave a few seconds to heat) or skip the tortillas and eat as a salad over romaine lettuce. If you dont want to bother with making the dressing, just squeeze lime juice over the bean and vegetable mixture, and maybe chop the cilantro and stir it in too. Serve with a dollop of Nancy’s plain non-fat yogurt (or sour cream if you find the peppers are too hot- the fat in the sour cream will help control the capsaicin in the peppers that’s burning your mouth).

Instructions for Dressing:

Combine cilantro and spices in blender to chop and mix well. Add in lime, mix. Then slowly add in olive oil with blender running to desired thinness.