inspired carrot spread

While on vacation in Portugal with my daughter and our partners, torrential rain and gusty winds diverted us one day to the Chiado Museum Nacional de Arte Contemporanea where we truly enjoyed seeing the “Paradoxical Image” photography exhibit of Francisco Afonso Chaves’ (1857-1926). Some of the other disconcerting displays not so much– those led us to seek dry comfort and a good meal to revive our joie de vivre.

fullsizeoutput_16d7Thanks to Google we found Cafe Lisboa nearby. Oh my, what a find! The place itself is lovely, the food sublime starting with the freshly baked bread and carrot spread. I tried to isolate the complementary flavors in the luxuriously textured spread… then complimented the chef and asked the server, what were the ingredients please for the delicious carrot spread? Here now while the memory is fresh are my thoughts for my first attempt at recreating the simple yet inspired treat.


  • carrots
  • cream
  • vinegar – I’ll try rice vinegar, with perhaps just a few drops of Balsalmic
  • garlic – just a little
  • cumin
  • black pepper


I’ll update this post as I play with this recipe…


2 thoughts on “inspired carrot spread

  1. Even though I met my husband in Portugal, I have never visited Lisbon. Lucky you! I hope you tasted some “caldo verde” and “pastéis de nata” while there. Did you?


  2. Yes! Torbido (a delightful senior gentleman who met us at our Airbnb beach house in Nazare) served me my first pastéis de nata with another Portuguese specialty– Portuguese sour cherry liquor served in a thimble sized dark chocolate cup. Delicious! And no, I did not have the opportunity to try caldo verde (While I’m an adventurer when eating abroad, I remain cautious about unidentifiable meat sausage.) I did, however, have my first taste of wonderful nettle soup that I will try to recreate…

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