thinking about succorance

Given that I love words, on any given day I find myself briefly referring to my dictionary app. Yesterday’s word of the day on has long been one of my favorites. Today I’m thinking about how succorance is evidenced in my life… also how our food preparation choices can support or sabotage the dietary, health, and weight goals of our family, friends and colleagues when we share food with others.


 \ SUHK-er-uh ns \  noun;

1.the act of seeking out affectionate care and social support.


  • Here, food in general, and the feeding of someone else in particular… are equated with love, succorance, with a bond between caring parties, with the largely selfless, human act,… and Chaplin uses food in motifs that point us toward what distinguishes a civilized society from a jungle.  Jay Boyer, “Cry Food: The Use of Food as a Comic Motif in the Films of Charlie Chaplin,” Beyond the Stars: Studies in American Film , 1993
  • Here Woolf returns to her metaphor of the outsider seeking warmth, shelter, succorance, yet courting danger.  Shirley Panken, Virginia Woolf and the “Lust of Creation,”  1987

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