healing foods for a horrible snotty head/chest cold

If like me you are tempted to reach for a triple shot latte after a night spent blowing your nose and coughing, try a couple of these Limequats instead! Limequats provide a big hit of Vitamin C and sharp citrus flavor that will knock out your sweet tooth (useful as sugar as well as milk products are mucous producing). It’s a lime crossed with a kumquat, small with a punch! Be prepared to pucker up a bit, then pop the whole thing into your mouth, skin too. Awesome goodness.

Next up: brew some fresh ginger root tea. Slice an inch or so off a ginger root, pare away the skin, then slice thinly. Put ginger into 2 quarts of fresh cold water, bring to a boil then simmer covered for 20 minutes. Ginger tea is good hot or room temp, will keep in the refrigerator for 24 hours. This will chase away your chills, settle an upset stomach, thin out your mucous and quiet down your cough.

How to use the rest of that ginger root? Make carrot ginger soup. With carrots and yam (snot be gone!), this soup is rich in beta carotene, vit B6 and C. It’s tasty and comforting.

Ah, then there’s the raw onion (sulfer) and grapefruit (vit C) magic of mustard greens (vit K, A and C) salad and quinoa! Add some black beans to increase the protein.

Be well.


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