Unexpected problems can become opportunities

I had planned to work from home today. When I logged in early this morning, I found an unexpected email from the IT help desk, informing me I’d picked up ‘malware’ and so needed to sign off the network and relinquish my laptop to a tech to scrub it clean. But I have work that needs to get done, people counting on me! No network access means I can’t get that work done now. Nothing to do but drive down to the office to meet the IT tech and hand over my laptop, the sooner the better for getting it returned to me. Damn.

But as I was leaving the house I saw the library books staged near the door, due today. And the Chaat house is right next to the library… I’ve been wanting their fabulous Channa Masala, Navratan Korma, Dal Tarka. And of course the best paan and chai ever. Yum. Lois and I had talked about going last week while she was home, but we never made it there.

I’m now back home after turning in my corporate laptop and library books.  I’m about to have my Chaat house lunch on the deck in the sun. After lunch I’ll make some calls, then read through two contracts. Somehow all my deliverables will get done.

It’s good to grab ahold of unexpected opportunities and a meal at the Bombay Chaat House.   http://bombaychaathouse.org


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